The Florida Water Story

Produced in association with Courter Films this three-program series illustrates the threats to Florida's water resources and possible solutions. The series was produced in cooperation with WEDU/Tampa. The protection of Florida's water resources is the most pressing environmental issue facing Florida today. Florida's highly mobile and rapidly growing population is concentrated along its coastal regions and inland lakes and rivers. This population concentration places an increasingly unsustainable demand on that very resource which lures people here in the first place -- water.. The highly acclaimed and nationally televised public television special includes:

Embrace of the Sea — a 60-minute in-depth look at Florida's coastal estuaries including Apalachicola Bay, the Indian River Lagoon, Biscayne Bay, the Florida Keys and Tampa Bay.

Golden Coins, Silver Ribbons — a 30-minute summary of the issues surrounding Florida's inland lakes and rivers.

Florida's Fragile Fountain — a 30-minute exploration of Florida's aquifer from its origins in the north to the Miami area where it reaches the land's surface.

More than a dry and academic documentary, The Florida Water Story has drawn critical acclaim as a film which renders environmental problems as issues not simply caused by humans, but deeply felt by them as well. The Orlando Sentinel writes that the Florida Water Story achieved something which "has been tried many times before in documentaries, but rarely with such breathtaking success: [it has] reduced scientific complexities to human scale and people stories."

Colorful and articulate participants temper the facts with their own experiences and stories of personal connection to Florida's environment: a grandfather who takes his grandchild fishing; a fishing guide who recalls the days when 40-pound groupers were common in the coastal bays; Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a conservationist who spent her life fighting development in the Everglades. Beginning in the Panhandle and working south, the film deals with area-specific environmental concerns, gives voice to local residents who have witnessed the subtle destruction of these areas' habitats and resources, and often suggests ecological solutions.

"This is a remarkable piece of documentary TV, as deeply felt and beautifully filmed as it is informative. Even at two hours, you hate to see it end."

"There's an elegance and artistry to every aspect of The Florida Water Story"

"Director-cinematographer Philip Courter has captured Florida at its most radiant. At every stop along the way we learn and encounter vivid personalities."

—The Orlando Sentinel

"This excellent two-hour documentary . . . seems even more important now than when it debuted."

"The complex environmental problems facing the state are reduced to human terms and told through the eyes of Floridians."

"An outstanding work that every resident of Florida should see . . . [a] beautifully photographed piece of reporting."

—The Tampa Tribune

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