What the young people said:

Sixth grader Melody Bell said, "Mrs. Jones shared with us though she couldn't hear or talk it was not difficult to communicate with her neighbors at Carver Court. Barbara Johnson (her daughter) and I did the interview using sign language."

Marcus Jolly, said, "Mr. Danner inspired me by saying stay in school and don't do drugs. His house inspired me also, how nice and clean his house was and everything in order."

Fifth grade student Auriel Garrett said, "I was very excited when we were told that we were going to interview the elderly. I always wanted to be a news reporter and this helped me understand how to do it."

Marcus Jolly said, "Mr. Lockhart is over ninety years old. He was the funniest of them all and he can still ride a bicycle and is still "sweet on the honeys."

Barbara Johnson, executive producer and immediate past president of the Carver Court Tenants' Association said, "Some of the young people thought the older people were against them somewhat and we wanted to find a way for them to learn about each other. One of the young people asked why don't we ask the old people how they got where they are and how they got to Carver Court."

Documentary filmmakers Michael Green and Beverly Rosenberg worked along side youth from the Carver Court Youth Advisory Board to record the life stories. Over 10 hours of interviews were edited down to create the thirty minute documentary. Green said, "This was a labor of love motivated by deep respect for the contributions made by the elders of Carver Court to their families and to our community. Ordinary people are seldom recognized or honored for the extraordinary contributions they make over a lifetime."

Carver Court Connections premiered at the Orange Country Regional History Center in November 2001. Bob Beatty, education director of the History Center, said, "We are very happy to be able to honor the contributions of the seniors of Carver Court to our community. This is an important part of what the History Center can and should be." The Orange County Regional History Center will house both the documentary and the ten hours of oral history interviews with Carver Court seniors.


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